April 25, 2007

Live GIS/CAD Training Class

I took my girls camping this weekend near Ojai. On the way up we ran into a Ferrari club touring by. The freshly paved winding road was an idyllic setting for these rolling art pieces. We saw about 20 different vehicles all with the same rearing stallion logo. Some of them I recognized some new one’s I hadn’t seen, and a there were a couple of vintage classics. In the middle of the parade of Ferraris was a splash of realism, a circa 1975 brown GMC full-sized van… I must say a van never looked so, well… brown.

ESRI is putting on a Live Training Session for CAD use in ArcGIS tomorrow. Come see some things you might recognize, something new and some classics. Like all ESRI Live Training Sessions this one will be recorded and made free for viewing in a couple of weeks in case you miss it, or want to view it again later.


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