October 09, 2009

ArcGIS for AutoCAD Query Tool

I spent last weekend installing a laminate floor in a small room off my kitchen. This was the third phase of my flooring project that has been spread out over a few years. The first being the living room, then the kitchen. In the previous two phases I pretty much did all the work myself. For this room I enjoyed the service of my capable daughter to assist me. Not only was the effort more efficient, it was also more enjoyable because I didn’t have to spend the weekend alone in the back room, doing a thousand deep knee bends… Can someone say Advil?

In a previous post I described a way to select entities based on a simple query of ArcGIS for AutoCAD feature attributes. It was really more of a simple AutoLISP code sample than a tool…

A talented colleague has created another sample query tool that I do use as my query tool for the mapping specification for drawings data used by ArcGIS for AutoCAD. If you maintain attributes in AutoCAD using the mapping specification for drawings I recomend that you download this as your query tool.


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