October 09, 2012

Drawing Navigation by Street Address

I had apple pie last night.  It was made using my favorite tool, my apple-peeler-slicer-corer thing.  It was good.  Pie is good.  Life is good.  So if I am thinking about apple pie it make sense (to me) to talk about software tools.

The Locate button on the ArcGIS for AutoCAD menu is another favorite tool because it is easy to use, and because of what it does for me.  I type in a place or street address and it helps me zoom in my drawing to where that address is located in my map.   I have a choice between three different locators out on the web.  Some are better at finding one kind of address or other.  So if one doesn't work I try another one.   The locator accepts a street address, partial address, place names, or street intersections like “1st and Main”.  After I enter my single-line input string, I am presented with list of candidates in a table.  By right clicking on the candidate that I feel best matches where I want to be I can select the Zoom to Selected option.    I notice in the table that there is a record of the single-line input string I entered as well as the actual address for each candidate along with a  score.  This helps me decide which are the better candidate matches for my search.  Here is a quick video of using the tool…

Here is the same video on myYouTube channel that you can view a little larger. 


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