June 13, 2014

ArcGIS for AutoCAD Training Series: Part 1

I'm heading to the beach this summer.  I will enjoy taking some time to watch the waves come in.

I am publishing a five part video learning series on the GISCADChannel in waves over the next few weeks.  That span of time will bring  to the 2014Esri International Users Conference where I will be presenting two sessions this year.  Lots of opportunities to learn.

Tuesday July 15 The ArcGIS for AutoCAD Plug-in  3:15pm - 4:30pm Room 14A, and Wednesday July 16 The ArcGIS for AutoCAD Plug-in   3:15pm - 4:30pm Room 14A

This new video learning series deals with getting ArcGIS data inside your AutoCAD drawing.  I will present five different ways I can get ArcGIS data sets inside my AutoCAD drawings using ArcGIS for AutoCAD 350.  This first video deals with creating new ArcGIS data in AutoCAD and organizing existing AutoCAD data to become ArcGIS data.

These five methods include:
  1. Create ArcGIS data from scratch in ArcGIS for AutoCAD 
  2. Connect to ArcGIS for AutoCAD web feature services
  3. Export ArcGIS data from ArcGIS for Desktop
  4. Import ArcGIS data from other ArcGIS for AutoCAD drawings
  5. Leverage AutoCAD template files with ArcGIS schema already included

Have a great summer.


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