May 26, 2017

ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365 Now Available

A new version of ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365 is now available for free download. I think this release is a very important one, the new block attribute behavior and text linking especially paired with the updated bonus tools for labeling will be an important and useful improvement. These new behaviors will not only help when annotating your drawings but also provides some powerful new options for editing. And lets face it, it takes some of the clunkyness out of working with AutoCAD blocks with attributes in ArcGIS for AutoCAD.
For more information see the Esri blog post.
And, or my YouTube Playlist on what’s New in ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365.


Blogger Brian Hiller said...

Have you seen any examples of well designed CAD standards that make converting to GIS streamline?

Ones that incorporate ArcGIS for AutoCAD would be great.


11:45 AM  
Blogger Don Kuehne said...

One of the capabilities of ArcGIS for AutoCAD is to be a little agnostic toward CAD standards. Because you can define how CAD data streamlined into GIS as actual GIS attributed feature classes any CAD standard you use can be streamlined. But those that are the most successful are the simplest. Having an AutoCAD layer that equates to a GIS feature class works best. More on creating feature classes in ArcGIS for AutoCAD can be found here: and

11:36 AM  

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