October 08, 2010


If you follow this BLOG let me warn you that baseketball season is starting up again and that means lots of running for the team, and more tedious basketball/GIS metephors are in your future! Speaking of getting started here is a little info for getting started with ArcGIS for AutoCAD 250 that is different than past versions...

To make installation greatly simplified for all version of AutoCAD, the new ArcGIS for AutoCAD 250 must be NETLOAD-ed each time you run ArcGIS for AutoCAD. If like me you always want to load ArcGIS for AutoCAD you can use one of many ways in AutoCAD to autoload a .DLL like ArcGISForAutoCAD.dll.

I invoke a script from my desktop ICON. AutoCAD just needs to find both my script and the .DLL. You can update your AutoCAD SUPPORT path or modify the START IN directory or like me do both.

Here is the content of the script that I use to AutoLoad ArcGIS for AutoCAD:


The included image is a picture of my modified desktop short cut.

Note: Be sure to include a carriage return after the last line.


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