February 01, 2011

Attributed Parcels in AutoCAD

My wife is a piano teacher and has long wanted to have a grand piano in our home. She teaches piano from the faithful upright piano she practiced on when she was in elementary school. We could never seem to get it together to make her grand piano materialize with our budget and other priorities. Then last week my wife got a call from a friend of an ex-student, and yesterday some men dropped off a grand piano in our living room. We didn’t do anything. For the next few years we are giving it a “good home”. That was easy.

To create attributed parcels in AutoCAD I draw closed polylines on an AutoCAD layer that I have named PARCELS. Since I have downloaded and installed ArcGIS for AutoCAD, all I need to do to store the parcel identification number (PIN) on my parcels is to go to the feature class management tab on the ArcGIS for AutoCAD ribbon and define a feature class that identifies the AutoCAD layer named PARCELS as the distinguishing filtering criteria for my parcels and then add a STRING attribute definition to the schema called PIN.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD and ArcGIS now understand that my AutoCAD drawing contains attributed PARCEL features. These parcel features are comprised of any closed polylines, with or without curves on the PARCELS layer. By simply using the AutoCAD entity property panel I can edit the parcel identification number (PIN) for any of the parcels. To draw a new parcel I just continue to draw parcels like I always do with closed polylines on the AutoCAD layer called PARCELS. The Parcel Identification number (PIN) is now just a property of the entity that I can modify with the entity property panel.
Since ArcGIS desktop also understands this attributed feature class inside the drawing I don’t have to do anything else to make my parcels accessible to an ArcGIS user. I’m done. When the ArcGIS user opens my AutoCAD drawing they see my PARCELS feature class and can use it directly in their map or in any geoprocessing operation that can use attributed polygons.
I'm wondering if anyone has a 16ft sailboat on a trailer, that just needs a "good home" for a couple years?


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