November 07, 2012

Feature Services? No Knead to Worry

I've been baking bread for about a year now with my version (I don't measure very closely) of the popular no-knead recipe pervasive on the web.  
Water, Flour, Salt, yeast (or, sourdough starter: water, flour, and yeast that has come to a natural "agreement")  ... stir, ignore for a while, then bake. 
I do wonder how much better my bread could be if it was hard to make?  Right now the bread I am making is really good, and really easy.
Feature Service editing in ArcGIS for AutoCAD is likewise a pretty easy thing to do (although maybe not as tasty warm out of the oven with butter and jam.)  Because I have access to feature services for editing, I simply make the connection, zoom to an area I want to edit, then add the feature service.  From then on I'm working in AutoCAD with AutoCAD entities and AutoCAD tools.  As long as things get onto the right layer I'm free to edit my ArcGIS data with AutoCAD.  ArcGIS for AutoCAD has a ribbon and tool palettes to assist me in getting things in the right place, but I can use all my AutoCAD skills to create things on the right layer any way I see fit. 
Here is a brief YouTube video that outlines the experience in ArcGIS for AutoCAD 300.

...and here is the same 6 minute video in a compact format.


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