June 23, 2014

ArcGIS for AutoCAD Training Series: Part 2

Getting ArcGIS data into an AutoCAD drawing from ArcGIS web feature services is much LESS painful than a stingray sting.  (Even though getting stung by a stingray takes just a single step!)  Learning that technical fact to share with you was probably the low point of my otherwise great week at the beach.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD allows me to edit ArcGIS data on the server or extract data from the server over the web.  When the data lands in my AutoCAD drawing it is correctly located and includes all of its descriptive attributes.

I can edit ArcGIS data living in ArcSDE geodatabases, get my own local copy of the data, or I can just harvest the schema from ArcGIS web feature services to build my own data sets.  

Here is the second in a series of 5 videos (10 min) that shows how I add ArcGIS data to AutoCAD using ArcGIS for AutoCAD.   

Tip:  Hot water, not ice for stingray stings.


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