July 30, 2007

ArcGIS for AutoCAD User Forum

My printer at home was on the blink. It continuously had been reporting paper jams and then systematically jamming more paper during printing. Each time I cleared the paper jam another would re-occur. I surmised that one of the rollers was broken or malfunctioning. I suspected it was some broken $0.30 plastic part that would render the entire printer useless. Facing the high probability of adding this printer/scanner/copier to the growing enormity of e-waste, I was dedicated to giving the printer one more vigorous going over. Figuring that some poking and prodding in places where fingers should not normally go couldn’t do any more harm to the printer than its final drop into the recycle bin. I picked up the printer firmly to eye-level to see what I could see, which was nothing. However, the act of picking up the printer opened the clamshell like access to its internal parts changing its center of gravity and then the entire printer spun out of my hands and onto the floor! As it hit the ground a small wad of paper lodged somewhere in the printer’s innards was forcibly ejected. ...It was actually a little surreal.

The printer successfully passed the 1 meter drop test and is now functioning normally, postponing its trip to the recycler thanks to this computer peripheral version of the Heimlich maneuver. I suggest that you should consult your printer’s service manual before attempting to duplicate this procedure.

By the way, you may have noticed ESRI has added a user support forum for ArcGIS for AutoCAD users.


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