April 02, 2009

Geoprocessing, MSD and .NET

“Nothing but net” is a welcome refrain for basketball shooters. I hope you will find these .NET samples connecting AutoCAD with ArcGIS Geoprocessing located on ArcScripts equally valuable.

I enjoyed meeting with the CAD savvy developers at ESRI 2009 Developers Summit. Hello again to all of you who attended our CAD technical presentation at the conference or that met with the CAD team at the breakout session. Karen the co-presenter and author of the samples, has posted the sample code on ArcScripts. This code was demonstrated during our session to connect AutoCAD .NET to ArcGIS’s Geoprocessing tools via .NET for the purpose of extracting data from ArcGIS sources as CAD data. Conversely the samples also include adding data from CAD drawings into ArcGIS data stores. These coding samples are available here on ArcScripts.

The samples are a concrete programming examples of the topic I introduced in a recent blog posting on bouncing CAD files off of geoprocessing.


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