July 30, 2014

ArcGIS Online Supports CAD Items for Storage, Sharing and Search

I have been having a good week in a home cooking sense; good food and a good variety.  Chicken cordon bleu, Sushi, fresh nectarine pie… were some highlights.  The best dishes don't have to have many ingredients.  Variety is good, and simple variety seems a really good way to go.

The latest update to ArcGIS Online includes a simple and subtle change for CAD.   CAD files packaged up as a .ZIP file are now uploadable and searchable as a file "item" on ArcGIS Online.  Similar to a ShapeFile you can now create a zip file of your CAD file(s) and upload it to ArcGIS Online and share it.  You can use it to store your CAD files or share them with others who can download it and collaborate.  This is a simple first step in a path to tighter integration of CAD and ArcGIS Online.


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