September 10, 2014

ArcGIS for AutoCAD and 2015

We recently acquired a lovely hand painted coffee table (read ugliest table you've ever seen) from craigslist to "brighten up" our living room.  The end result was that I negotiated a compromise to the table by re-texturing and painting the ceiling.  I removed, repainted and re-installed the moldings and added wainscoting to the living room.  The table was supposed to just work, didn't.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD now supports AutoCAD 2015 versions.  The free download is now available.  The same download works with 2013, 2014 and now 2015 versions of Windows 32/64 bit AutoCAD.


Anonymous john keays said...

To Don

I am looking at duplicating the block format for my design software so that it is compatible with ARCGIS. Can I get details of the block creation formats

2:20 PM  
Blogger Don Kuehne said...

Blocks are supported however you create them. ArcGIS for AutoCAD and ArcGIS desktop understand blocks in slightly different ways. What about the compatibility are you concerned about?

3:05 PM  

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