March 06, 2006

GIS and CAD Interoperability: Archives

This Blog's Master Index

Here are some catagorized links to past posts.

You can still view past posts in the Archives for the Month they were posted. Help me if you find a dead link.
I'll do my best to make updates to the indexes.

Revit to ArcGIS
BIM: Robots and GIS
BIM: What's Cooking
BIM: There are some who call me... BIM

Sample Tools
Georeferencing Inside of AutoCAD
Selecting by Attribute in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
Autodesk "Object Data" Converter
Creating ArcGIS for AutoCAD Feature Classes from Blocks
Creating Map Service Mosiac of Images in AutoCAD
AutoCAD layers to ArcGIS Feature Classes
Sample Geoprocessing Tools for CAD
AutoCAD Spatial Adustment Tool
GP CAD Topology Checker
Automated Layer Sorting(SplitByColumn)

ArcGIS for AutoCAD
Carrying GIS Data in AutoCAD
FDO Shapefiles and ArcGIS
Editing GIS Geodatabase Data with ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
Using ArcGIS Server for Labeling and thematic Mapping AutoCAD
ArcGIS Ready AutoCAD Template Files
Demo of ArcGIS for AutoCAD Build 200
ArcGIS for AutoCAD Build 200
AutoCAD layers to ArcGIS Feature Classes
AutoCAD Blocks and MSD
MSD: Leveraging CAD Standards in GIS
ArcGIS for AutoCAD and Map Services
ArcGIS for AutoCAD User Forum
ArcGIS for AutoCAD a Sea of Possibilities

User Tips

Joining Data Tables to CAD Layers
AutoCAD layers to ArcGIS Feature Classes
Polygons Donuts Whole and Holes
Using ArcGIS Server for AutoCAD Thematic Mapping
Text is Block Name
CAD Quantities with ArcGIS
Decoding Mystery CAD Drawings
Browsing for Hidden Microstation Files
Symbology As Application Messaging System
3D GIS and CAD: GIS-Generated 3D CAD Scenes
Creating Domain Constraints From CAD Data
CAD Staging Geodatabase Road Map
Using the SELECT DATA Geoprocessing Tool
Creating AutoCAD 3D Polylines from GIS Features
Changing CAD Symbology
True-Type Marker Symbols GIS/CAD (Road Trip)
Import From CAD tool and other Methods(Chainsaws)
Optimizing ArcGIS Server for ArcGIS for AutoCAD Users

General Interoperability
Getting In Shape: Shapefiles in AutoCAD?
Dynamic CAD files In ArcGIS Server
ArcGIS Server Maps In Microstation
AutoCAD Files as ArcGIS Submittals
Industry Specific GIS Data Models In AutoCAD
MSD and ArcGIS EXPORT TO CAD (balloon whisperer)
What's New in ArcGIS 9.3: MSD
Why Mapping Specification for Drawings (MSD)?
Data Interoperability Extension vs. Core Tools
Power of Context
GIS data Precision: Significantly Insignificant Digits
Free Online GIS/CAD Training Class
Semantic Translation (Part 1 of 8)
GIS and CAD Windfall (Single Source of Truth AFA)
CAD Standards from GIS with Seed Files
ArcGIS Server Services and CAD


Blogger TTbloomy said...

Don - this site is just awesome! What a wealth of information to those of us constantly walking between the two worlds of CAD and GIS. Thank you!

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Damir Khairutdinov said...

HI Don. If you remember me, I worked as CAD&GIS engineer in Tomsk Petroleum institute, i engaged with CAD-GIS interoperability... Now I'am chief analyst in ASCON company in St.Petersburg.My new e-mail
I continue to watch yours arcgis_for_autocad, good luck!

12:22 AM  
Blogger vkouxaras said...

I just got me into GIS and CAD
and i run into your blog.
I believe I'll find lots of stuff here,
so thanks in advance...

1:39 PM  
Blogger Alexa said...

Aloha e Don, I'm back in the GIS-CAD world again and look forward to finding out what I missed over the past several months. I'll be checking out your blog and the various ESRI Support sites.

11:24 AM  

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