December 17, 2009

Carrying GIS Data in AutoCAD

Just watched a movie, the Carriers, one of those hmmm-never-heard-of-that-movie-before –wonder-if-it-is-any-good?, type of movies. Can't say that I'd recomend it. Often watching this kind of movie is like when your spouse hands you something from the refrigerator and asks you… “honey, could you smell this?” You are seldom ever glad you did!

This story didn’t have a compelling setting, or interesting conflict or really anything except an oppressive global plague where everyone dies except for two of the minor characters. Not sure if the movie was designed to help promote euthanasia or swine flu vaccination, but it is probably not going to win any feel good movie of the year awards.
Act 1: Most everyone is already dead, and the sick are going to die.
Act 2: Most of the survivors get sick.
Act 3: The sick people die and the two people that remain are lonely and still might die. …roll credits.

In my mind a good story has a conflict that needs to get solved, some interesting solutions to that conflict that is inspiring, or clever, and then a happy ending or at least an important lesson learned.

Today’s story:

The conflict: I want to create some GIS data with AutoCAD. Do I need to create Shapefiles, or buy more software... what will I ever do? (insert perilous music here…pass the popcorn).

The solution: download the free ArcGIS for AutoCAD and use it to create GIS data using plain AutoCAD.

The happing ending: The AutoCAD file you create will contain GIS data that ArcGIS can directly use.

Lessons learned: Use AutoCAD to carry GIS data rather than deadly infectious diseases.
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