May 16, 2014

ArcGIS for AutoCAD 350: New Tools!

Esri has released an update to ArcGIS for AutoCAD.  This new version is for people with Windows 32bit or 64bit AutoCAD 2013-2015.  The new release includes support for feature service attribute domain constraints and an extension to AutoLISP to customize ArcGIS for AutoCAD.   
Attribute domain constraints allow me to select valid values for data fields using a pick-list.  This improves data quality and consistency.  It is also much easier and faster to make attribute updates.
The new LISP functions help me customize my editing environment and automate many data creation task as well as help me control services in my drawings.  With programmatic access to ArcGIS for AutoCAD services and data I can automate many routine tasks, and extend the functionality of ArcGIS for AutoCAD in new and useful ways.   
When working with the AutoCAD version 2015 the desktop icon needs to be modified.  There is mention of it here in the forums
There is a glitch in AutoCAD 2015 affects some of the new AutoLISP functions.  Hopefully that glitch will be addressed soon.
Here are two overview videos I created to highlight these changes.  
And for a more in depth look, here is a set of free instructional videos to get you up to speed using the new features.
I am going to have lots of fun with this AutoLISP.  I am just finishing up a set of AutoLISP bonus tools to work with blocks, and annotation to label features!
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