July 01, 2013

CAD at the 2013 Esri User's Conference

As a commuter I travel the freeway for an hour both ways in my carpool.  Over the last 21 years I have seen some unusual things driving down the freeway.   This last Wednesday was one of those special days.  The traffic was open and traveling a good 65 mph.   Driving along, I glanced out my passenger window to see a pigeon.  A pigeon window height in the center lane keeping pace with traffic!  For over a mile it just glided along at freeway speed behind a bright shinny fluid container truck.  Likely it was gaining some advantage from the truck in front of it.  Maybe it was flying along with its reflection? Maybe it was taking a shortcut?  Whatever it was up to, it was a fascinating experience to behold. 

Next week some tens of  thousand people will fly into the GIS fast lane at the 2013 Esri User's Conference, in San Diego.  I will be presenting 5 sessions during the week. Come to the sessions and say hello, or track me down at the "geodatabase island" during the week.

Here is the Esri CAD schedule:

       SUNDAY (Survey Summit)
01:30 PM             Esri's Free ArcGIS for AutoCAD Plug-in (Connaught) 
01:30 AM             Introduction to using CAD Data in ArcGIS (Room  04)

03:15 PM             The ArcGIS for AutoCAD CAD Plug in (Room 32 A)
09:00 AM             Lining Up CAD Data in ArcGIS (Hall F, Room 1)
01:30 PM             The ArcGIS for AutoCAD CAD Plug in (Room 32 A)
03:15 PM             Geoprocessing Tools & Techniques for CAD (Room 05A)
04:00 PM             Georeferencing CAD datasets (Hall F, Room 1)
 8:30 AM              Introduction to using CAD Data in ArcGIS (Room 04)

11:00 AM             Using ArcGIS for AutoCAD Plug-in  (Demo Theater– Geodatabase Management)

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