April 15, 2013

ArcGIS for AutoCAD Supports AutoCAD 2013

As of today many more people have access the useful functionality of the popular ArcGIS for AutoCAD plug-in.  Those people include: those who work with AutoCAD 2013, people who work behind an internet proxy, those of us who work with secure ArcGIS servers, people who need a user interface in one of 8 languages now supported. Come and get ArcGIS for AutoCAD 300 Sp1, tell your friends.

  • Support of Proxy Server connecting to Internet for ArcGIS Services
  • Support for Windows 64bit and 32bit  AutoCAD 2013 versions
  • Support for SQL Server Authentication in combination with Support for Windows Token Authentication and/or Proxy Server
  • Additional Language Support

o   Chinese
o   Russian
o   Spanish
o   French
o   German
o   Japanese
o   Portuguese (Brazilian)
o   Italian
  • Faster Loading: ArcGIS Online Server Connections established when used instead of on start of application
  • Location candidates from a Location Service no longer stored as point features in the drawing
  •  Disabled EXTRACT for ArcGIS Online Map Service content found at per license agreement: http://services.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services

  • Remedy issues with AutoCAD UNDO when map services are in the drawing
  • Editing fields with null values using attribute edit tool from ribbon
  • Honors the transparency of map service backgrounds, in addition to normal map transparency
  •  Problem with empty Image Service causing freeze
  •  Fixed issue with feature service layer EXTRACT to wrong AutoCAD layer
  •  Maps/Image Services respond to current  viewport when there is more than one viewport

·         Font error in progress dialog caused "unhandled exception" on some systems

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